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1940 military aviation styled instruments for hot rodsa and musclecars

Inspired by military sets, we have duplicated the feel of the very popular aircraft and military gauges of the 30s and 40s, but with modern technology.  Why buy salvage yard gauges that don’t match, or work for that matter?  We started with the military graphics and upgraded to domed lenses and stainless steel bezels for an upscale, “5-Star General” appearance.  The graphics are duplicated down to the smallest detail, and a white-tipped pointer adds to the effect.  The mechanical speedometer features a trip odometer with reset switch.  The patented bi-torque 2-1/16” gauges offer the modern technology behind the scenes to provide accurate readings. The New Vintage 1940 Series gauges are made in the USA and feature our 5-year warranty.

1940 Series gauges from NVU are perfect for hot rods, classic cars, off road, jeep and trucks. 

*Speed sender may be required (not included) check your application or our accessory section.

Product line features:

Military graphics in white or black dial

Domed glass lenses

Hand-polished stainless steel bezels

White tipped pointers (black dial)

Available in standard sizes: 4-3/8", 3-3/8" and 2-1/16"