NVU Tech Team on 26th Jun 2019

TACHOMETER INSTALLATIONSTachometers operate by reading a signal from your ignition system. This is a "pulsed" signal.  Each pulse is counted and the microprocessor converts this frequency into th … read more
All About Senders

All About Senders

NVU Tech Team on 29th Apr 2019

Lets discuss the necessary senders required to use NVU Gauges.Each NVU Gauge uses a different sender depending on its function. For Example: Your programmable Speedometer uses a Vehicle Speed Sen … read more

Gauge meters, movements, motors and functions

NVU Tech Team on 4th Aug 2016

Our third installment of the NVU tech blog will cover types of gauges: mechanical, electronic, etc. People are always asking us which is better?  The question comes down to which is better for yo … read more

Technical Screen Printing

NVU Tech Team on 13th Apr 2016

NVU is the only instrument company in the US that designs and screen print all dials 100% in house, in fact we do most of the pre-production and prototype dials and cluster overlays for many of the ma … read more