custom circuit board design prototype

Here at NVU it takes more than just assembly to build world-class instrumentation, as beauty is only skin deep.  Behind the scenes we have the latest in technology , all availble to our customers.  Our Engineering team can develop circuitry and programming to your needs, not just gauges but complete products. Combined with our CNC, prototyping and print services, we can build just about anyhting you need for prototype, design and development projects. Circuits can be any size and shape, components on either side with attachment points.  Not sure where or how to get your project off the ground? CONTACT US today and our sales and engineering teams will get yo on the path to success.

custom prototype circuit prototype design nvu

 ABOVE LOWER LEFT: Military simulator stepper motor driver we build for Rousch.  Replaces the factory stepper motor or meter assembly on military and emergency vehicle clusters and is driven by the display software.

ABOVE LOWER RIGHT: Micro control circuit we use for movie production diaplay units.  From the remote knob(s) displayed in a panel the director can have the instruments move in any position desired during filming.

ABOVE UPPER RIGHT AND LEFT: Dual shaft stepper motor gauge boards with movement installed in a rear-mount.

 speedometer prototype lcd module

 ABOVE: Custom development on a speedometer with back-lit high contrast LCD for EVIC display functions

dual shaft stepper motor gauge design pressure speed tach rpm temperature

ABOVE: Prototype development of a dual-shaft stepper motor tachometer with the lower pointer being utilized as a telltale.  This unit is designed to incorporate a RGB programmble shift lamp and resettable telltale with recall and playback. Yes we still do development and design of high tech products here in Detroit!

 led circuit lighting made in usa

ABOVE: High contrast LCD programmed for varoius inputs/diaplay options and simple LED lighting boards.



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