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NVU 1967 series gauges are the first instruments on the market with a true mid-60's style. Others have tried to duplicate, but this is the real deal! Wraparound numbers, canted tic marks, all with LED perimeter lighting for a real 60's look. Stainless steel bezels and domed lenses add a touch of class. Perfect for your Muscle-Car, Gasser, dune-buggy, 60's Truck; anything that demands that unique American muscle look.

Thats just the start, behind the scenes 1967 instruments are based on our Phoenix platform with user select able inputs, OLED screens, stepper motor technology all made in the USA.  All 6 gauge kits with OLED screens feature Phoenix Direct Drive technology, bay far the easiest way to wire up a 6 gauge kit.  Learn more about all of the features HERE>>>




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12 of 50 Items