NVU 4100 Instruments feature 100% Made-In the USA components hand assembled and calibrated to order. Waterproof from the front with black bezels and glass lenses for durability. Shock-proof nylon cases with studded connections for a rugged, reliable instruments.  High-speed un-dampened meters for responsive data reading.  Available programmable stepper motor movements are also available for high-slosh scenarios or custom readings.

Speedometers are available standard in 3-3/8" cutout sizes (4-3/8" custom)

Tachometers are available standard in 3-3/8" cutout sizes (4-3/8" custom)

Minor gauges are 2-1/16" cutout

Standard 12V operation (24, 36 and 48V custom)

Custom graphics and ranges available

2-Year warranty on approved applications

Core components for 4100 instruments are always in stock and small quantities can usually ship in 24-48 hours.

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12 of 12 Items