Click on Services-Pay Invoices below for instructions on how to pay a custom invoice.

Tip: Please enter your total minus the decimals, once entered refresh and you should now see the correct total.

(For example: Your quote is for $899.97, you would enter 89997 in the Quanity and it will multiple that number by 1 Cent and come up with your Total!)

Click on services-pay invoices


Then the instructions on the page are:
Enter the amount of our invoice in the quantity area of the checkout, without decimals. Example, your order amount is $123.45.  Enter 12345 for the quantity.


If you are having difficulty you can send a paypal to:
The old fashioned way by phone, call one of our sales reps 9am-5pm @ 248.850.5482
 The other old fashioned way by check by mail


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1 of 1 Items