Gauges and packages from NVU- The widest selection of instruments with themes to fit your build.  Weather you are building an old school hot rod, Muscle-Car, pro-touring machine, truck, Jeep or off road vehicle, NVU has a style and kit to fit the theme of your build?

What is this fit the theme of the build?

Here at NVU we want to have your instruments be a seamless extension of your vision, the theme of your build might be modern, or vintage, so we have come up with BOLD styles to work with the rest of the visual theme of the build.  Graphic styles are all unique but familiar at the same time, they look like they belong where they are. 

Check out Muscle Rod Shop build a custom gauge panel for Matt Carriker from Demolition Ranch CUMMINS CUDA! Using a set of our Performance II Series in Black and equipped with a Diesel Tachometer, Boost Gauge and EGT to round out the 8 gauge kit!


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NEW! M-102 SERIES! Throwback 70s and 80s style!


NEW! M-153 SERIES! Bold LED backlit 60s muscle


Woodward Series: The original, still a top seller.  Perfect for 30's-60's builds that want more of an OE gauge look. 

1940 Series: Military graphics, Themed for Hot Rods, Rat Rods,Traditional Trucks, Jeep, Off Road, anything that needs to look heavy duty and cool at the same time

hot rod aguges bomber gauges


1967 Series: The original mid 60s themed instruments.  Muscle-Car, Gasser, Traditional Hot Rod.



Performance Series: Bold graphics that say performance without the "In your face" look of a racing gauge. Makes a statement without being too much.  Popular choice for Pro-touring, Trucks, off-road, or any vehicle with a performance look.

1969 Series: Late 60's early 70's muscle car inspired gauges.  Mint green graphics and back-lit graphics for standout visibility and looks at night.  Resto-mod, Muscle Car, pro-touring, if you want to make a subtle statement with your dash, this is how to do it.




Aviator Series: Military and aircraft inspired, similar to the 1940 Series, with RED back-lit graphics and glowing pointer at night.  Advanced microprocessor-controlled stepper motor movements with programmable inputs.  Fits the theme of anything rugged, industrial: Diesel trucks, Jeeps, off road and anything that looks like it might be fast enough to fly.

aircraft military gauges stepper motor red LED lighting instruments


CFR SERIES instruments bring a whole new level of design to the aftermarket gauge market.  Design finally keeps up with the technology.  With the feel of an exotic sports car or advanced American Muscle, this series will set your dash apart from the rest.  Textured inner pattern accented with colored graphic rings, stainless bezels, all back-lit with NVU GENII stepper motor technology behind the dials.

exotic car gauges american muscle CFR


PERFORMANCE II gauges are themed on a mix of European sports car and racing gauge styles.  They say performance in a subtle way that makes a statement without screaming.  Blue LED back-lit graphics in white or black, titanium bezels and flat glass add sophistication to the package.

performance 2 stepper gauges


Direct-Fit Packages:  NVU has mounting solutions and complete bolt-in packages for many popular models.  Many of the kits are based on the styles above for a consistent product line. Even better, you can add-on additional matching gauges for monitoring vitals such as oil temp, boost, AFR....





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12 of 373 Items