Why an NVU Distributorship?

At NVU our goal is to have great relationships with all of our customers from wholesale to retail all the way to the installer.  We want the selling, installing and user experience to be the best it can be. Our support staff can guide you through the line with on-site training, retail displays and promotional items.  NVU's unique approach to marketing products has been a hit since day one.  Period styled and themed products that fit seamlessly in the vehicle, all parts are designed for a "theme" and those themes fit the build style whether its hot rod, truck, pro touring or off road.


Current distributors:

NVU has a wide range of distributors with many types of businesses.  A large retail presence at major performance warehouses, wholesale distributors who channel product to stores and shops, niche customers who may sell a handful of part numbers and builders that use NVU products on all of their builds. NVU has several niche reatilers that focus on a specific vehicle type or brand (mustang, camaro, Truck, Off-Road, Tuner) and are often more successful than the full-line stores.  Each customer is looked at individually, large or small to make sure the relationship will be a good fit for all involved and that no two distributors would be placed in any type of conflict.  That is what works best for everyone.  All retailers are required to be a brick-and mortar location (retail or warehouse) and have a professional appearance at that location and online.  We are always looking for new customers to work with so call today.  Don't see what you need or have a niche or volume product you want to produce? No Problem, NVU private label and product development programs will being your dream to life in a short period of time.


Product development and growth

The product line is always expanding with new, innovative products with the style only available from NVU.  New product technology, direct-fit and wider application usage has been a hallmark of the brand.  In 2015, 180 new part numbers were released with the addition of the GENII stepper motor gauges.  2016 is looking like another new product year--stay tuned.


New technology and a series of firsts:

First to have standard integrated warning lamps, turn signals and high beam incorporated into instruments.  Customers asked and NVU delivered.

Dampened, programmable stepper motor fuel gauges in full and short sweep

Speedometers that feature easy programming without the need for converters or boxes

Widest range of backlit LED stepper motor gauges in the popular but hard to find larger 5" size.

First standard size backlit switch panel with customizable labeled inserts

Only instrument manufacturer to design and hand screen print all dials in house with NVU's exclusive no tool cutting technology

First to introduce full online tech support with yes/no online mapping.



Pricing program:

NVU has a 4-tier program that is based on annual volume and buy-ins.  All pricing is standard percentages off jobber so you know what your margins are.  Pricing is monitored for MAP compliance.  NVU has the absolute best pricing scale available anywhere.



Additional Discounts and promotions:

Co-op advertising

Quick pay discounts

Promotional discounts

Sale support discounts

Free product/promotional product combo promotions

Social medial campaigns with discounts on orders for participation

Online adwords campaign with featured retailer splash page

Free shipping on qualified orders

12-month inventory adjustment with offsetting orders

Show support discounts


Support/Customer service:

Product line load sheets: Complete load data in excel spreadsheet for fast product loading.

Inventory feeds: NVU has a new in-stock inventory feed available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This is available via FTP or uploaded to your system.

Top 10 and 20 lists or specific application usage data: NVU wants customers to stock items they will have the most success selling.

100% Tech support:  NVU wants to handle any tech questions from customers directly to provide the fastest, most accurate information.

NVU always responds and always has the answer to the question, in fact we often find ourselves troubleshooting items we do not manufacture but interface with instruments due to the lack of support from the component manufacturer.  That is what makes NVU different, knowledge of not only the product line but also other components that may be introduced into the system.

Online Tech troubleshooting: Yes/No online troubleshooting is as easy as it gets

Drop ship programs: No retailer can stock everything.  Drop ships generally ship on 24-48 hours

Easy ordering: By phone, fax, email or online

Warranty support:  All handled by NVU, have your customers call us for support, we've got it! You can do what you do best-sell.

Easy returns for credit



Each NVU product is hand assembled and tested in Detroit, MI by folks who have undergone extensive training for up to 6 months before they work on their own. Each product is calibrated and tested, not bulk built and spot-checked.

Nobody is perfect, so when an issue arises, NVU will take care of it whether its a missing or damaged item or a 5 year old item with 100,000 miles, the NVU 5-year warranty and customer service follow-through will handle it all for the end user.  NVU will process all warranty claims for the customer rather that the retailer, if there is an issue NVU will take care of it promptly.  Items that come in for warranty work generally are turned around in 24-48 hours.

With a warranty rate of .2% (yes there is a decimal in front of the 2) NVU can claim the lowest rate in the industry.


Join the fastest growing instrument company in America!

Download the distributor packet below and send in your application today to start on the road to an NVU distributorship.