Over the years NVU has been asked by major motion picture production houses, retailers and sales teams to develop working and static displays.  NVU can build remote-controlled, automated running, static and backlit parts for any need.

Recently released images of the Batmobile interior.  Reomte control instruments, backlit, fomred one piece dials.  Behind the parts rae animations running on android or apple devices for an added touch of tech.  In addition backlit switches and number pads per the design direction of the movie studio.




Built to customer specifications.  Integrated programmable tachometer with hour meter and warning outputs can trigger warning lamps.  Backlit touch-pad for clean, easy use.  Based  on existing parts can be built WITHOUT ANY TOOLING

panel-pop-1 panel-pop-1-night


Custom display panel with programmaed gauges to display the various features of the panel.  Custom driver circuitry to trigger inputs per customer specifications




Displays for any needs!  Custom shaped, printed we can even backlight ares if required.  Shown is a retail display for NVU with functional parts that the customer can play around with.






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