NVU 9015 Series offers analog capabilities found only in OE custom products.  Glass lenses, water proof bezels, high-impact cases with spin-lock fastening for long-lasting and easy installation. LED backlighting in RED for ease of viewing at night. User selectable input ranges on minor gauges for use with existing senders.   We have been using this platform for over 5 years with less than .1% warranty rate. Imported components assembled, programmed, tested and finished in Detroit.

1-Year warranty on approved applications

Speedometers are available standard in 3-3/8" cutout sizes (4-3/8" custom)

Tachometers are available standard in 3-3/8" cutout sizes (4-3/8" custom)

Minor gauges are 2-1/16" cutout

Standard 12V operation

Minor gauges available with selectable resistance inputs or voltage inputs (.5-4.5 or 0-5V)

Custom graphics and ranges available

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2 of 2 Items