NVU has a budget each year to sponsor a number of vehicles, we want to help make your project stand out from the crowd. We want to be a part of some of the best builds going on right now. We are looking for builders that dare to be different, no more cookie cutter vehicles!

What can NVU can offer as a sponsorship is:

- A complete set of instruments with all of the senders required to install

- Stickers, banners, shirts promotional materials, etc for your shop


- Standard part numbers only (no customs)

- Provide a detailed marketing plan for the vehicle social media/shows/etc

- Attend at least 3 major events with completed vehicle and NVU product installed

- At least 3 social media posts featuring NVU brand items (at least one completed post)

- Concept sketches

- NVU approved logo will appear on vehicle sponsorship placards

- Apply for sponsorship more than 60 days prior to initial vehicle reveal

- NVU product must be completely installed no more less than 14 days prior to vehicle shipment before initial reveal

- A statement about what makes your build different from the rest, what makes the theme cohesive and seamless?

 - What makes your build process special?  What are you the best at?


Please send your presentation for consideration to:


All sponsorship applicants must send a presentation via email.

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