Populated panels are a great way to incorporate switches, warning lights and even instrumentation into a stand-alone unit for easy  viewing and use.  Ideal for situations where a touch screen is not an option due to climate, tactile response or vibration.  All panels can be build weatherproof if required.

BELOW: Custom panel for an RX-7.  Same technique can be applied to virtually any cluster.  We First develop the pattern that the mounting panel will have to attach to the stock dash.  Sometimes we incorporate the use of the stock carrier, this often has a lens (we recommend removing if in bad shape or if it has an odometer button), this piece often takes up the space between the cluster and the front of the dash.  Once that is planned out, the placement of gauges and indicators is determined.  We use our exclusive Laser cut laminate and printing technology to incorporate deadfronted indicators right into the panel.  NVU is the only source for this type of construction and function.

custom gauge panel indicator lights aftermarket


custom led lighting gauge panel cluster aftermarket instrumets

This next series shows 2 styles of panels for the same vehicle.  Each panel has similar functions and even though they are different shapes completely, are designed to fit the same dash at the factory.  This customer has a vehicle that is being uses in a military capacity as well as a recreational version.

The first example on this vehicle is the recreational version.  We used our CFR series as a base and then added matching LIGHTED rocker switches with the CFR pattern, as well as using our exclusive laser-cut laminate print process to include the pattern and indicators int e panel.  This assembly is delivered assembled, wired with plugs to the factory for plug-in and bolt on assembly.

printed gauge panel custom




The military style below used our Aviator/1940 3-1 gauges with indicators built into the gauges and toggle switches with our exclusive laser-cut laminate printing process to backlight the toggle-call outs right on the panel.  No more routing text and elaborate lighting behind the scenes to create this effect.  Our rivet-in hand-bent toggle guards are also incorporated right into the panel.

military gauges custom panel

custom dash toggle switch panel

custom gauge panel cluster lighting


BELOW:  Built to customer specifications.  Integrated programmable tachometer with hour meter and warning outputs can trigger warning lamps.  Backlit touch-pad for clean, easy use.  Based on existing parts can be built WITHOUT ANY TOOLING!

custom dash panel lit OE  custom backlit led gauge panel oe commerical industrial spaceship



Built to customer specifications. Waterproof toggles for various functions with easy to read instruments .  Warning lamps for various functions.  Backlit displays for low-light situations.  Again, NO TOOLING REQUIRED!

populated panels custom backlit gauges  back lit lighted led gauge control panel



Custom BMW cluster using all off the shelf components.  Standard gauges with custom graphics backlit for easy viewing at night.  Mounting panel has warning lamps and shift indicator incorporated for a professional installation.

custom bmw lit lighte led panel gauges cluster instruments dash


Need somewhere to place additional functions? NVu can product custom sized panels to add on all of your requirements.  Below is an example of a dash panel that had a storage bin which was pretty much useless.  Just a sample of what NVU can do for you.

truck-ex-panel-1.jpg truckgaugepnl1a.jpg

trucklightpanel1a.jpg  truckltogglepanel1a.jpg


Nitrous control panel with integrated gauge.  Backlit control panel with deadfronted warning indicators for ARM and HEATER. DIN-Sized panel



Aviator double-DIN panel with switched, gauges and guards.  Backlit in red.  Of course we can build any combination and color scheme! Concept panel has changable text indicators for customization to your liking.  This panel is is set up for a tow vehicle; based on off-the shelf parts selection it can be configured for anything you like.

custom truck panel towing plow switch toggle  utv torbo diesel switch gauge panel custom  custom switch rocker toggle panel ighted night led egt gauges

 CFR blue Double-DIN gauge/switch pack.  3 gauge panel, this one is set up for a turbo and nitrous with all of the controls backlit in contrasting red.

custom gauge dash panel cluster egt boost turbo switch  custom oe dash gauge switch panel nitrous nos n2o  nitrous control panel gauges boost n20 gauge cutsom panel toggle rocker


Performance II backlit stepper gauges with Nitrous controls.  Labels can be swapped out for a variety of uses.  Our standard performance panel without switch guards for a clean look.  Double-DIN size for standard dash or console installations

race tuner switch panel rocker toggle backlit lightes LED n2o  custom race swicth panel toggle shutoff nitrous pyrometer  boost ptyrometer egt dash gauge panel switch shutoff race street