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Experience Elegance Redefined: The NVU M-153 Series

Exclusively Crafted by NVU

Indulge in the pinnacle of automotive sophistication with the NVU M-153 series. Continuing the legacy set by the iconic 1967 Series, these instruments transcend time, blending exquisite 60s aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Crafted exclusively by NVU, this series captures the essence of automotive excellence in a way that is truly unmatched.

A Nostalgic Evolution

The M-153 series takes the baton from the legendary 1967 Series and runs with it, delivering an awe-inspiring homage to the 60s. Every detail meticulously considered, the result is a symphony of stunning graphics that harken back to the golden era of muscle cars. Bold wraparound graphics, masterfully crafted, bring an aura of powerful elegance to your dashboard.

Illuminated Brilliance

Embrace the beauty of day or night with the M-153 series' full LED backlighting. Designed for both striking visuals and effortless readability, your dash comes to life in a display of captivating luminescence. The added allure of NVU's signature spun hub backlit pointers elevates the experience, making every glance a testament to refined craftsmanship.

Elevated Excellence in Craftsmanship

Fine finishes find their zenith in the M-153 series. Polished stainless-steel bezels radiate sophistication, while real domed glass lenses lend an air of authenticity that sets new standards in instrument design. Each piece is meticulously hand-built to order, embodying the spirit of artistry that thrives in the heart of Detroit.

Innovative Intelligence: The Phoenix Technology

Elevate your driving experience with NVU's patented Phoenix technology. Embodied within each M-153 instrument set, this groundbreaking innovation bestows built-in indicators, performance timers, auxiliary inputs, settable odometer mileage, and an array of features that redefine your dashboard's capabilities.

A Symphony of Performance and Style

With the NVU M-153 series, you're not just embracing a set of instruments – you're embracing a harmonious blend of performance and style that transcends the ordinary. Your journey is elevated to an unprecedented level where every glance at your dash becomes a captivating experience.

Elevate Your Drive to Distinction

Let the NVU M-153 series be your conduit to a world where elegance, power, and innovation converge. As you take control of your dashboard's performance and aesthetics, you're stepping into a realm of unmatched sophistication. Welcome to the future of automotive excellence – welcome to the M-153 series from NVU.


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