How do I order a set of custom gauges do you ask?  We can easily put something together for you but its best to have some sort of idea what you are looking for.

We can do

1. Individual gauges and gauge kits -  You install in your dash as needed

2. Existing Direct fit kits- modified.  We modify/create custom dials on one of our exiting Direct-fit kits

3. Gauge in a Panel - We create a bracket to install our gauges similar to our direct-fit kits

4. Custom Cluster - We design and build a custom cluster


First things first: How are you going to plan on installing gauges in your dash?  Are you going to be using standalone gauges like a 2 or 6 gauge kit?


Above: 37215-02 2 gauge 4-3/8" mounting hole

Above Performance II 6 gauge kits with 4-3/8 or 3-7/16 speedo/tach and 2-1/16" minor gauges.

If you are going to use our standard gauges make sure they will fit, take a look at our DIMENSIONED DRAWING PAGE