Looking for custom toggle panels and switches?  Look no further! NVU toggle panels can be customized several ways.  We can start with the panels we  normally produce and custom print the inserts or print a one piece overlay, its up to you.  We can also create custom sizes and shapes, all laser-cut in house.  For custom size/shapes its best to have a drawing/sketch/dimensions ready, without this we will not know exactly what you are looking for.  Toggles can have single color or a different color for each call-out.  We keep stock on the following LED colors: red, blue, amber, green, white, from there we can custom mix backlight inks for even more custom colors.  

Rockers we also use our laminate print process for a crisp  appearance and a virtually indestructible top layer, impervious to solvents and cleaners.  We can create custom text, icons, background images, all printed and added to your rocker switches.  

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