cutalss g-body afternmarket gauges instruments

From the leader in modern muscle,, with more G-body packages and styles available than any where else, NVU brings you the 78-88 Olds Cutlass instrument packages.  Built around NVU's tried and true Period styled and themed instruments in air core perimeter lighting or Full sweep stepper motor with LED backlighting, several bold and exciting styles will bring your dash to the next level while monitoring the vitals.  The mounting solution bolts in place of the stock cluster (some trimming behind the scenes required for clearance not visible when installed).  Bracket assembly features NVU's exclusive CNC laser ABC/Polycarbonate laminate printed icons with LED lights for a professional look. 


Now all kits with Programmable speedometer and tachometer feature NVU's exclusive Phoenix Direct Drive! Easy Driver gauge/minor gauge installation with features found in modern OE vehicles.  Learn More about all of the great Phoenix Direct-drive features HERE >>>

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9 of 9 Items