Custom Gauge RFQ Form


This form is for CUSTOM (non standard) items only.  For pricing on standard items please reach out to our customer service team or browse our website.

Helpful hint on custom jobs:  Have a sketch or drawing of your project labelled with sizes, ranges, styles, functions, indicators and lighting.  The easier it is for us to know what you are looking for, the higher the chance of us being able to pursue your project.

You must review  <<< THIS PAGE >>> before requesting a custom quote.  It has pricing and options so you can start off with a good knowledge base.

- We are currently taking on SELECT custom work as we ramp up our expanded custom department.  Projects will be accepted on what is entailed, time available and customer's willingness to work with us (easy to work with customers).  Timelines cannot be guaranteed at this time due to the global component shortages.

- You will receive an email confirmation minutes after filling out the form.  If you did not, check your spam and trash folders.  If you do not see the confirmation, that means the form was not submitted or you may have entered your email address incorrectly.

- We respond by email to every RFQ within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).  If you do not see a response AND you have email confirmation from your form, check your spam and trash folders.

- RFQ forms that are not completely filled out (name, address, lack of custom description) will be rejected and not quoted.

- All custom correspondence MUST be in writing by email.  This maintains an email chain and keeps everything straight. There is not by-phone sales service available on custom work.

CLOCKS: We are currently unable to quote clocks at this time due to the unavailability of the clock mechanism.

RETROFITS: We are currently unable to quote retrofits at this time due to the global component, board and labor shortages.  We hope to bring this back soon as these are the really fun projects we enjoy.  We are taking on SOME high-visibility retrofits.

Custom Policy

All custom work is built to specifications and is not returnable for refund or credit under any circumstances. Any work performed on a custom basis that is cancelled is subject to any fees, time and any associated costs. This may be deducted from any deposit received in the event of a cancellation at any point. Special order or fabricated parts constructed or purchased during the custom process for customer specific projects are the responsibility of the customer. By agreeing to a deposit, you agree to the terms stated above.