70-81 CAMARO GEN 2

Gen 2 Camaro gauges with aftermarket NVU instruments   

Gauge packages for Gen 2 Camaros takes a new direction in how to install aftermarket gauges into the
dash. 2nd generation Camaro gauges for your dash are custom built to order and can be built in iny configuration. These packages replace the OE gauge carrier fitting behind the original dash bezel for a factory-installed look, no cutting or modifications required. Simply remove factory bezel and carrier, bolt new assembly in place, adjust as needed and wire it up. Panel is designed with adjustability to adapt to variations in different build tolerances . 2nd gen Camaro aftermarket custom gauges and cluster brackets blend seamlessly for a professional installation with a custom look.   Kits also incorporate our exclusive indicator panel with turn signals, hi beam, check engine, brake and warning lamps. 


Fits 70-81.


**NOTE: 79-81 will fit but will not take advantage of the factory opening we use our indicators in the 70-78.

(Gauges now feature built-in Indicators.)


*Speed sender may be required, check your application.



Now all kits with Programmable speedometer and tachometer feature NVU's exclusive Phoenix Direct Drive! Easy Driver gauge/minor gauge installation with features found in modern OE vehicles.  Learn More about all of the great Phoenix Direct-drive features HERE >>>



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12 of 16 Items