79 fox mustang aftermarket gauges NVU

79-86 Fox mustang aftermarket gauges kits from New Vintage USA bring your dash up to today's style and technology.

Installs in place of the factory cluster behind the original bezel.  Minor trimming to plastic behind the panel (not visible) may be required.  NVU exclusive dead fronted indicators retain the stock openings as well as turn signals.  Kit includes:
NVU 79-86 Mustang mounting bracket system
4-3/8” programmable speedometer
4-3/8” tachometer
2-1/16” voltmeter
2-1/16” oil pressure gauge
2-1/16” Water temperature gauge
2-1/16” Fuel level gauge (73-10 factory match-uses existing sender)
Bushing kit
Temperature sender
Oil pressure sender
Instruction booklet and bracket installation sheet

*Speed sender may be required-check your application


Now all kits with Programmable speedometer and tachometer feature NVU's exclusive Phoenix Direct Drive! Easy Driver gauge/minor gauge installation with features found in modern OE vehicles.  Learn More about all of the great Phoenix Direct-drive features HERE >>>


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12 of 14 Items