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The Woodward Series, the original period styled instruments.  Mix and match sizes to create just the right look.  Our period look instruments have the great styling features you have come to expect from New Vintage.  The exclusive inner accent ring is on every set, others simply print silver on the dial, we took the time to add a real plated part to match our stainless bezel.  The bold, wraparound deco styled graphics stand out without looking out of place. A domed glass lens caps off the look in a luxurious manner.  Our programmable speedometers are easy to program, hit the button, drive a mile, hit it again, you’re done! Works with any speedometer sender aftermarket or stock.  With or without our exclusive cover bezel, these sets have the right look, performance you expect and the right price, all with our 5-year warranty.  Woodward Series gauges are a perfect fit for your vintage, classic or hot rod.  New Vintage gauges are styled with the look of the 30s and 40s for an original inspired hot rod style.

Woodward Series 2 gauge 3-1 gauge kits are available in our popular 4-3/8" mounting hole size with polished stainless steel bezels and domed lenses.  Installation is a snap with our exclusive color-coded AMP connector harnesses and easy to adjust back-clamps.  NVU's Phoenix technology behind the scenes drives the gauges with easy to read menu functions, fully programmable inputs for speedo, tach and fuel make this the most versatile stand-alone gauge kit on the market!  No additional filters, adapters or driver modules or boxes, NVU instruments run as-is.  New temperature and pressure ranges for today's builds along with programmable, electronic dampened fuel gauge for smooth, easy to see reading without any tank slosh issues. Speedometer operates from any speed signal OE, PCM (computer), aftermarket or even our GPS antenna.  

Kits include:

4-3/8" Programmable Speedometer-Oil pressure-Water temperature

-Programmable speedometer 140 MPH with OLED display

-Oil pressure gauge 0-100 PSI 240-33 Ω input

-Water temperature gauge gauge 120-280F 500-30 Ω hi match input

-Deadfronted (hidden) indicators: Turn signal, Hi Beam, warning

4-3/8"  Programmable Tachometer- Voltemter- Fuel level

-Tachometer 0-8,000 RPM, programmable inputs for 1,4,6,8,10,12 Cylinder,  4-cycle operation

- Voltmeter

- Fuel level gauge-programmable for most OE and aftermarket senders (Fuel sender not included, see manual for details)

AMP Plug wiring harnesses with color-coded wiring

Back clamps

Oil pressure sender 1/8-27 thread 240-33 Ω

Temperature sender (high match 500-30 Ω)

Bushing kit with 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2" thread

Programming button

Detailed instructions







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